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Table Service

At Kisco Signature Communities, we aim to elevate the art of dining with impeccable tableside service and thoughtfully curated à la carte menus. Indulge in a culinary journey where each dish is crafted from the finest ingredients, inviting you to savor extraordinary flavors and create lasting memories.

Choice of Venues

From enchanting outdoor dining settings that embrace the beauty of nature to the exclusive Chef’s Table experience, our Communities offer a variety of options for discerning palates. Prefer to be a participant rather than a spectator? Pull up a chair in our demonstration kitchens, where expert chefs showcase their signature dishes and local recipes, inviting residents to learn, taste, and savor new flavors.

Dining Your Way

We prioritize your unique dining preferences and nutritional needs. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to accommodate special diets and ensure a dining experience that caters to every individual. From gluten-free to vegetarian, we strive to provide something for everyone, ensuring that each resident can enjoy a dining experience that is as memorable as it is nourishing.

Gourmet Delivery

Indulge by having meals and beverages delivered right to your door, allowing you to enjoy restaurant-quality cuisine in the privacy of your own residence. Our dedicated associates ensure prompt and attentive service, providing a seamless dining experience that caters to your schedule and preferences.